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The mission of Lucky Dog Rescue & Adoption is to improve overall animal welfare in the Lake Chapala communities by saving the lives of dogs that are abandoned or are at risk, and providing quality care until they can be placed into loving and caring “forever homes”.

The Full Story

11 mar 15 006a.jpg
11 mar 15 006a.jpg

Lucky Dog

A Labor of Love

Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Center is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of abandoned and abused dogs in the Lake Chapala area of Jalisco Mexico. Lucky Dog is run solely by a group of dedicated volunteers. 

Lucky Dog has expanded a lot since its inception, adding additional runs, installing a playing/training field in back, constructing safety doors on the kennels and shade coverings for the play yards, and more. 


Our dedicated volunteers ensure our dogs are walked and loved daily.  Visits to the vet are all handled by volunteers, as are routine vaccinations, worm and flea treatments.

Early History

Geoffrey Kaye and his partner, Lourdes Avila, started the Animal Shelter in Riberas del Pilar, Chapala from the remains of the Chapala Humane Society in 2001. At that time, they sheltered birds, cats and dogs. The ‘dog house’ has been in a couple of different locations in Riberas but always under the supervision of Geoffrey and his dedicated volunteers.


Many of our current volunteers worked and were trained at the Animal Shelter. At this shelter the volunteers gained the experience to adopt out 140 dogs a year that were spayed or neutrered, healthy, and well socialized. However, the facilities were never large enough to accommodate the number of dogs that needed to be rescued and the neighbors complained of noise. In June 2012, the Animal Shelter closed in Riberas.

11 mar 15 006a.jpg
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Lucky Dog

But wait, there was good news for area dogs and all Lakeside residents! Several of the dedicated volunteers of the Animal Shelter banded together and began working with Dr. Antonio Ladron of the Ladron de Guevara Animal Clinic to develop a new dog shelter. This refuge would be located next to the Ladron Pet Resort east of Chapala. The Ladron Clinic would provide developmental support as well as a generous amount of vet care per month and extra vet care given at a discount. Geoffrey Kaye continued his generous efforts by donating fencing, roofing and equipment from the closed Animal Shelter, regular supplies of dog food and limited financial support. And so Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption was born. We opened our doors in December, 2012 and haven’t looked back since!


Since Lucky Dog is now its own entity, it is now responsible for the primary funding of this shelter. Lucky Dog needs your help to save all the dogs that arrive at our door. Some of the services we render are spay/neuter, emergency services, long-term recovery care, and special foods and medicines. For some dogs the costs are less, but costs for a “broken one” with larger medical needs as well as the time required for healing can be much more. Your generous donation can empower us to help more of these precious animals.

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