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Lucky Dog has many different opportunities for you to get involved with, to match all manner of interests and skill sets.

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Volunteering with us is one of the best ways you can support our work for rescue dogs and help us get even more pooches back on their paws!


Give your time today and help us care for dogs when they need us most.

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*Dog Walker

*Dog Socializer

*Foster (short or longer term)



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For the majority of our volunteering roles, the main requirement is a positive attitude and a love of dogs (even if it’s at a distance)!

Join our team and make new friends…canine or otherwise!

Put 10,000 steps on your step tracker and lower that blood pressure by socializing a pup. Share your love with dogs that will cherish it!



Shift Volunteers help keep both human and dog areas of the shelter clean. They wash towels and blankets and make sure sufficient cleaning and disinfectant supplies are on hand. Volunteers deal with the public when they come in, welcoming them to the shelter, and adopting out the perfect dog to the perfect person. They teach dogs to use good manners such as “sit” and “stay”.


Volunteers communicate with the vets, keeping the vets apprised of health issues, and following through on veterinary advice and prescriptions. Of course with any job comes paperwork. Volunteers keep meticulous records on all of the dogs, and communicate with other volunteers via a daily email that keeps all informed of what goes on each day.

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December 4, 2023
Volunteer Party

Lucky Dog had a Volunteer Party on December 4, 2023 - what a fantastic group of people!!!! Wonderful volunteers, wonderful party! Thank you Camille and Jeff and Kevin for letting us meet at your house because of the rain!!

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